Company Profile

Since 1964 FPM PIARDI has specialized in mechanical turning operations.
The main productions consist in the production of small metal parts.

In the early '50, the young Piardi's brothers took their first steps into the field of mechanics, concentrating on the cleaning of all types of metal and minuteries.It was minuteries that became soon the focal point of their activity.

In 1965 they bought their first single-spindle lathe, followed by the first multi-spindle lathe in 1969.Nowadays F.P.M. is equipped with various models of multi-spindle lathes and transfer machines, which ensure high output and above all top quality end products.The many years of experience allow F.P.M. to reach a high level of both quality and technology, giving to its products the essential characteristics for being competitive and updated.

The most important productions are turned brass parts such as head-screws, which are obtained with multi-spindle lathes; mini ball valves, boiler outlet hoses, angle and washing-machine taps, obtained with transfer machines.The washing and the assembling completed automated, permit the further improving of the entire production process.